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We are glad to announce that RMDS Will collaborate with the City of Pasadena to hold its annual conference in the Pasadena Convention Center on Dec 6 + 7, 2019.

4Es, ResearchMap, and Ecosystem Approaches

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RMDS Lab serves researchers and analysts worldwide with its RM4Es and ResearchMap based ecosystem technologies. We are in a position to transform research with big data and AI, and are known for utilizing our AI ecosystem to elevate competency and employability.
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RMDS serves a network of over thirty thousand data science professionals. Join us on our Data Science Platform, LinkedIn and Meetup.
We offer classes in machine learning and quantitative research that emphasize collaboration within a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and analysts to solve real business applications.
Collaborate with global communities to discuss and dig deep into machine learning and artificial intelligence.
In the 2019 Annual Conference, RMDS is bringing together the global data science community in the effort to spark collaboration and innovation in technology, engineering, and social sciences. Grab a ticket here.


Our science innovation team uses analytics and advanced algorithms to provide consulting for organizations to tackle issues in hotel management, government, technology manufacturing, food manufacturing, health supplement manufacturing, education, energy, international business, healthcare, public safety. For more information email Check out out platform.

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We meet monthly to learn from mission-driven leaders who utilize big data technologies for social good, and to promote research methods and data science innovation. Join our Meetup group!



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