Empowering members and partners with affordable data science, machine learning, and blockchain solutions.

Supported by an RMDS community of 40,000 data and AI professionals, the RMDS NFT marketplace, the RMDS ecosystem of world-class partner organizations, and RMDS’s 4Es framework-based intelligent workflows. Satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Our Solutions

Based on RMDS’s unique and well-tested ecosystem platform technologies, RMDS is capable of creating and deploying enterprise Customer Portals (CP) or Customer Data Portals (CDP) rapidly. Learn more.

RMDS partners with some of the world’s leading spatial data and spatial analytics providers to serve businesses worldwide. We have created and deployed location intelligence to help city governments and research organizations improve prediction accuracy and optimize decisions at a lower cost. Learn more.

To optimize data-driven decisions, RMDS developed the well–known RM4Es framework to manage and optimize data science processes. Besides providing this RM4Es framework to all individual and organizational members at GRMDS.org’s platform, in the past, our 4Es– based process automation and optimization solutions have been utilized by many research and decision groups to improve efficiency and to reduce cost. Learn more.
RMDS is a pioneer of impact scoring, and developing data maturity assessment. With big data capabilities and advanced machine learning, RMDS provides financial companies and retailers with the best solutions for measuring store and unit performance. Learn more.

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