For the past decade, RMDS Lab has been recognized as one of the most influential non-profit organizations in creating a global community of researchers and practitioners and promoting innovative methods and analytical tools. We’ve built an ecosystem platform supporting over 35,000 data science professionals, providing them with AI-powered recommendations for high-quality resources, a space to discover and collaborate, amongst many other unctionalities. A major feature of the RMDS Lab platform is a proprietary algorithm to calculate an “impact score”, which measures the practical outcome of the activity of each user. Additionally, all recommendations on our platform, such as projects, professionals to connect with, datasets, and learning materials are also informed by artificial intelligence. As our community grows, RMDS will continue to be at the forefront of building a platform with complex, nuanced features tailored to meet the needs of our users.

Onsite Training

Certificate Program

  • Certificates Programs with a focus on data science and artificial intelligence, developed and delivered by scholars from prestigious organizations and industrial professionals like the Harvard University, IBM, NASA JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), LMU (Loyola Marymount University) to accelerate participant’s career development and individual growth
  • Certification from the Global Association of Research Methods and Data Science in conjunction with partner academic institutions like UCR, LMU, GMU

Custom Programs

  • Custom programs are designed for executives and corporate employees to utilize data to generate business value and accelerate the company competency in the age of data transformation.
  • Reference:
  • Possible program focus: blockchain, business analytics​


  • This Bootcamp is a short-term intensive practical training for people who would like to pursue a data-science career path with a focus on the application of data science in the real-world business scenarios


  • A variety of half-day to one-day workshops focusing on application of data science in diverse industries like Healthcare, CRM, Entertainment, Education

Online Training


  • Monthly series webinars for the global data science community to engage with the new ideas and trendy knowledge in data science and AI. Reference
  • Monthly series offering business and science leaders insights on trends in health care
  • Harvard Medical School’s monthly webinar series offers business and science leaders a unique opportunity to engage with new ideas and research that are shaping the science and practice of medicine. These complimentary, 30-minute sessions are open to the public and specifically designed for those who are responsible for driving growth and value creation in health care

Online Capstone Projects

  • Apply your knowledge and skills in data science to solve real-world problems
  • Highly accessible materials, flexible schedules, and competitive pricing

Learning Courses

  • Big Data and AI
    We apply real business use cases, research frameworks and various analytical tools to serve as a comprehensive package for learners to improve their competency and employability.
  • RM4E Analytic Workflow
    Analytical workflows, based on the concepts of RM4E (Equation, Estimation, Evaluation, Explanation) and Research Map, increase accessibility and reproducibility of analytics and machine learning projects. This course walks through the concept and the implementation of analytical workflows.
  • Ethics and Artificial Intelligence
    This course will focus on providing educational content regarding the ethical, social, and legal issues behind artificial intelligence. This curriculum will take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding these issues by employing literature and ideas from cognitive science, philosophy, sociology, and psychology.


  • Employment opportunities
  • Free admission to data-relevant events and expert seminars
  • Discount on future learning courses
  • Free fellowship programs