In the age of globalization and informatization, ubiquitous generation and utilization of big data is just everyday life of any modern business. This not only pushes up the ceiling of growth potential of a business, but also brings enormous challenge including

DIAM Model

DIAM stands for Data Impact Assessment Model. It is a RMDS-unique assessment system of 240 metrics that can help the companies to investigate their data management maturity and data utilization capacities from five components.

Data Impact Assessment Model

We conduct a thorough and comprehensive examination with DIAM, our well-researched and evidence-based assessment system that consists of 240 metrics in five dimensions.


Based on the assessment result, we provide the company with high-quality training and problembased consultation to create a realistic roadmap to improve the business.

Customized Solutions

For partners who want to collaborate deeper, we will help them to develop customized solutions that match their needs.

Increased Impact

By implementing the solutions, the empowered company will witness increased impact both directly and intangibly.

RMDS Ecosystem

RMDS ecosystem is our core philosophy. It consists of at least three elements: open data portal, computing platform for analysis standardization, and our community including over 35,000 data professionals. We believe that we can optimize the value of data by creating a transparent and interconnected ecosystem.