Day 1

Monday, November 2

9:00 am

Keynote: Impactful Data Science with RMDS Ecosystem

Dr. Alex Liu – CEO/Founder RMDSLab

Track 1

Innovative Methods with Data Science & AI

Track 2

Data and AI for COVID-19 & Healthcare

Track 3

Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI

9:30 am

The Future of Work With AI

Merve Hickok – Founder at Lighthouse Career Consulting,

The Road to Re-opening: How Cities are Assessing COVID Risk

Jeanne Holm – Chief Data Officer of City of LA

Uncertainty Based Active Learning for Object Detection

Srinivas Atreya – Chief Data Scientist, RoundSqr

10:00 am

Successfully Generating Impact with Data science & AI: Lessons Learned from Scaling AI, MLOps and DevOps

Dr. Eva-Marie Muller-Stuler – Practice Leader for Advanced Analytics and AI, IBM Middle East and North Africa

Crisis-Ready: A New Model of Data Science for Public Health Emergency Response

Dr. Andrew Schroeder – VP Research and Analysis, Direct Relief

MLOps: The Beginners Guide

Marky Jackson – Director of Open Source Software, OpsMX

10:30 am

Data Privacy of User-Generated Content

Matthew Schneider – Assistant Professor, Drexel University

Diet and Digitalization during COVID-19

Odularu Gbadebo – Researcher, ODU

Causal AI: A Step Towards True AI

Dr. Darko Matovski – CEO, causaLens

11:00 am

How AI Can Save Lives With the Help of Satellite Imagery.

Ganes Kesari – Head of Analytics at Gramener

Applications of Machine Learning in High-Impact Retail and Consumer Products Industry Challenges

Raksha Pai – Senior Data Scientist, IBM

11:30 am

Reimagining Education and Training in an Artificially-Intelligent World

Dr. David Guralnick – President and CEO, Kaleidoscope Learning

AI & Healthcare: Future & Threats

Dr. Priyanka Mathur – CEO of MediPocket

Cryptocurrency Valuation and Machine Learning

Luyao Zhang & Yulin Liu – Professor, Duke Kunshan University

12:00 pm

Keynote: We Have Two Possible Futures: Mad Max or Star Trek

Salim Ismail – Founder and Chairman, OpenExO and EXO

Track 1

Innovative Methods with Data Science & AI

Track 2

Data and AI for COVID-19 & Healthcare

Track 3

Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI

12:30 pm

How Google Uses AI & Machine Learning in Enterprise

Rich Dutton – Head of Machine Learning for Corporate Engineering Google

Know Your Community: Data Power to the People

Preston Mills – Community Data Manager, City of Los Angeles

Efficient Uncertainty Estimation for Machine Learning Classifiers

Dr. Matteo Sesia – Assistant Professor of Data Science and Operations, University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business

1:00 pm

Panel: Data Entrepreneurship and Investment in a Changing World

Panorama Puzzle of COVID-19 Patterns with Spatiotemporal Data

Dr. Bao Shuming – Director of China Data Institute, Michigan, USA

1:30 pm

Panel: Data Entrepreneurship and Investment in a Changing World

How Human Mobility Data Became the #1 Data Source to Navigate the Pandemic and its Recovery

Thomas Walle – CEO & Co-founder at Unacast

Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance

Dr. John Jiang – Lead Big Data Architect at Walmart

Day 2

Tuesday, November 3

9:00 am

Keynote: Making AI Work in Practice: Pragmatic Lessons Learned From the Front Lines

Usama Fayyad – Chairman & CEO, Open Insights

Track 1

Innovative Methods with Data Science & AI

Track 2

Data and AI for COVID-19 & Healthcare

Track 3

Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI

9:30 am

Transformational Data Strategy: Creating a Data Driven Leader

Richard Fox – VP Head of Analytics at Qdoba Restaurant Corporation

Calling All Data Scientists for the Common Good in Cities

Eva Pereira – Deputy Chief Data Officer, City of Los Angeles

Conversational Analytics: The New Paradigm for Getting Insights from Data

Anand Ranganathan – Chief AI Officer, Unscrambl, Inc

10:00 am

Geospatial AI at Scale: Challenges and Innovations

Dr. Giacomo Vianello – Lead Data Scientist,Cape Analytics

Evaluating location-based risk of exposure to COVID-19

Dorit Nevo & Yueyang Li & Feng Wang & Junxiong Tang & Tong Chen

The Role of Data Visualization in Big Data Analytics

Chong Ho Yu – Professor, Azusa Pacific University

10:30 am

Become A Valuable “Digizen” in the Digital Economy

Dr. Wallace Lynch – CEO Alpha Ecosystem

Los Angeles City Reopening Risk Evaluation

Joy Wanying Qian & Pengyue Jia & Yi’an Wang & Jessie Ge Qu & Feng Zhang

How to Make Sense of No Sense Data

Raj Joseph – CEO,

11:00 am

Who Are Data Scientists and How Do We Train Them?

Hamit Hamutcu with Usama Fayyad

Data-Driven Forecasts of Local COVID-19 Risk in Los Angeles

Mohammad Mehrabi & Greg Faletto

AI for Assisting First Responders

Dr. Tom Lu – Senior Researcher, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

11:30 am

Making the Black Box of AI More Transparent: A Dive Into XAI

Ciro Donalek – CTO & Cofounder, Virtualitics

An Application for Calculating COVID-19 Activity Risk

Jeev Prayaga & Gyan Prayaga & Ram Prayaga & Rena Brar Prayaga

Drawing Insights from Customer Feedback Using NLP

Peter Grabowski – Austin Site Lead, Enterprise Machine Learning, Google

12:30 pm

COVID-19 Risk Estimation for Los Angeles County using a Bayesian time-varying SIR-model

Bhaskar Krishnamachari

The State of Blockchain in Education

Ryan Eshaghi – President UC Irvine Blockchain

1:00 pm

What is behind the RMDS COVID19 Risk Platform

RMDS Web Team

2:00 pm

Less is More – Minimum Viable Data for Effective Business Decisions

Lake Dai – Adjunct Professor Carnegie Mellon University

Innovative Research with Data Science and Versatile Segmentation AI

Dr. Satoshi Masuda – President Japan information Technology Association

IM Data Conference 2020

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November 2 – 3, 2020


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