RMDS Lab draws on our extensive ecosystem and industry expertise to make companies more competitive at a better value.

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Our unique insight into the dynamics of global businesses, markets, and industries unlock opportunities for growth, innovation, and value creation. 

Financial Services

With RMDS’s extensive experience across data and analytics lifecycles, we produce:

  • Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions
  • Data insights
  • Predictive modeling 
  • Machine learning for optimal business outcomes

With prior financial service companies, we built customer data portals (CDP) that contribute to improved operational efficiency. 

With our expertise in processing big data and advanced machine learning, we create a risk score to increase profit and create fraud detection systems to reduce losses. Learn how you can use your big data to positively impact your business.


With disruptions experienced at all levels of education, now is time to develop true innovation. RMDS Lab goes way beyond a traditional education to help both the public and private sectors provide pathways for lifelong learning so people can acquire the skills necessary to fuel the future. 

RMDS implemented global data science capstone programs and upskilling programs in institutions. With our large talent pool, we provided consultation on datadriven student retention and assisted with learning system integration. Past clients and partners include the University of California, Riverside, Loyola Marymount University, and El Camino College. Learn how you can use your big data to administer your institution more effectively.


RMDS Lab’s restaurant analytics solutions can:

  • Improve guest experiences by optimizing operational efficiencies

  • Recommend advanced customer insights

  • Identiftraffic-driving promotions

  • Analyze and optimize the factors that impact overall sales

Every aspect of a restaurant’s operations will likely continue to be enhanced by data and analyticsLearn how you can use your restaurant’s platform to run your business more effectively while bringing in more customers. RMDS’s Solutions are powered by algorithms & AI.


RMDS Lab empowers government organizations to decipher the power of real-time data, making faster, smarter decisions.


We help agencies increase their effectiveness and promote transparency. In the past, we utilized open data sets in combination with other data sources to help improve natural disaster prediction with machine learning and to develop demand forecasting for cities.

In 2020, we developed a COVID19 risk map for the City of Los Angeles. Prior engagements also include the City of Pasadena and the United Nations. Learn how you can use your big data to serve more effectively. 


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