Ryan Eshaghi

President, UC Irvine Blockchain

Ryan Eshaghi is co-founder and president of Blockchain at UCI, a university-based ecosystem that organizes workshops, hackathons, and networking events to facilitate the growth of blockchain awareness, technical understanding, and thorough training in Southern California. He co-owns several technology patents and is an avid early-stage technology investor and startup consultant. Eshaghi also serves on the board of directors for the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation.

Awards, Accreditations, Accolades: 

  • Panel Speaker – “Trust Machine”
  • 2018 UC Irvine Blockathon – Host Speaker
  • Technology Innovation Forum – Speaker
  • 2018 Women in Blockchain Conference – Moderator/Emcee
  • 8x Deans Honor List
  • Francisco Ayala Scholar
  • TEDx Speaker

WATCH LIVE: November 3rd at 12:30 pm

Ryan Eshaghi​

Overview of how universities are starting to implement blockchain education in their curriculums, give case studies like UCLA, UCI, UCSB * How are _students_ taking the biggest initiative with blockchain education? (examples of UC Berkeley and formation of the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation) * The knowledge gap at universities between professors vs. students surrounding the blockchain space 

Overview of blockchain events in universities and how they are re-shaping education – conferences, hackathons, seminars What are some of the use cases for blockchain in education? 

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