Preston Mills

Community Data Manager,

City of Los Angeles

Preston Mills is the Community Data Manager for the Mayor’s Data Team in the City of Los Angeles. Preston manages data governance of the recent NSF-funded partnership with California State University Los Angeles and Community Partners. Preston holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mathematics and Sociology. Prior to joining the team, Preston was the Data Systems Administrator for a local nonprofit. He currently supports the team’s Geohub administration, data automations, and data literacy initiatives.

WATCH LIVE: November 2nd at 12:30 pm

Preston Mills

The City of Los Angeles launched its open data program in 2013, making department-level data open to the public. This initial release of data was welcomed by the research and data science community, and now the focus is on the City’s geospatial data, which is less accessible to a broad public audience. The City is opening up this data too by neighborhood training sessions that empower people to translate data into neighborhood-level insights with actionable information for communities to use to their advantage.