Pengyue Jia

Undergraduate Student of Geographic Information Science,

Zhejiang University

WATCH LIVE: November 3rd at 10:30 am

Pengyue Jia_Pengyue Jia

The COVID-19 pandemic has been threatening people’s lives and hurting the economy in the past few months. As a hard-hit area, the City of Los Angeles executed the stay-at-home order on March 19th to reduce the spread of coronavirus. As the death rate gradually decreases, Los Angeles starts to reopen its economy. However, city government should be cautious and avoid a second wave of the pandemic brought by the reopening. This report evaluates reopening risks for different parts of Los Angeles in stage 2 and 3. The model applies entropy weight method (EWM) with current data on population mobility, infection rate, population density, Point of Interest (POI) density and social vulnerability. The model shows that currently nearly 15% communities are of high risks and 69.8% of communities are of medium risks. As the city transit into stage 3, 6 more communities will turn into high risks and 2 more communities will become to medium risk regions. Based on the analysis, we suggest that the city of Los Angeles can reopen by communities, publish regional risk index, create “individual safe pass”, and keep ensuring equal access to treatments and care.