Natalia Sturgill

Data Analyst , HP

Natalia Sturgill is the Data Analyst and Insights Lead for HP’s Customer Support Virtual Agent. She joined HP in the summer of 2019 and has been on the Virtual Agent team since. Her background is in Economics and Applied Statistics (B.A. Colorado State 2018), Analytics (M.S. Georgia Tech 2022), and some Machine Learning (10-week Applied Machine Learning Intensive, Google 2019). When not absorbed in her love of all things numeric, Natalia can be found being dragged on hikes by her friends, singing opera, or making creative cakes and other baked goods.

WATCH LIVE: November 3rd at 2:00 pm

Natalia Stigill_Natalia Stigill

Chat bots are quickly becoming a go-to support solution across many different industries, and big tech is no different. HP is leading this revolution with their AI-backed customer support Virtual Agent that helps customers not only quickly find information and resources, but also actively helps troubleshoot common problems. The COVID-19 pandemic has made HP’s Virtual Agent more important than ever as consumers switch to remote learning and work.

Come join Natalia Sturgill, HP’s Virtual Agent Data Analyst, to discuss chatbot use in a support environment, how COVID-19 has changed the customer support landscape, and a Q&A about what it means to be an analyst in the world of big tech.