Luis Vasquez

Associate Director, UCI Applied Innovation

Luis Vasquez is the Associate Director, Venture Capital Collaboration at UC Irvine Beall Applied Innovation. In this role, he uses his experience and skills in institutional and financial investment fundraising to help connect start-ups in Southern California to investors. He also extends services and facilities at the Cove to VCs and other investors to help increase engagement between investors and the Southern California Ecosystem.

Luis was most recently a venture capital and start-up advisor working with Miramar Digital Ventures, ThinkIQ, Inc., and OspreyData, Inc. Prior to this, Luis was Vice President of Investor Relations at digital incubators and previously headed the LaunchPad Accelerator at OCTANe. Luis brings valuable insight to UC Irvine Beall Applied Innovation having served as the CEO of a start-up nanotechnology sensor company created to commercialize technology developed at Caltech. He also worked for the Morgan Stanley Equity Research team in New York City and helped develop the US GAAP XBRL taxonomy for XBRL.US and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In addition to his strong Southern California network and funding experience, Luis is also a proud Anteater having earned his MBA from UC Irvine, and a BS from UC Riverside.

WATCH LIVE: November 2nd at 1:00 pm

Dr. Weixiang Chen

2020 had a dramatic start. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in an unprecedented way, leading to a drastic change in investor confidence, massive lay-offs and company bankruptcies. On the other hand, we are also seeing an acceleration in digitalization, remote working adoption etc. How are early and middle stage data startups adapting to the new normal? What are the alternative funding sources for digital startups? What are the lessons learnt and how can startups better serve their global customers as well as the US national strategy? In last year’s panel, we made a number of predictions such as the tightening of cash, an increasing importance of company revenue etc, many of which inevitably came true. What envisions will be made this year? Join us with a group of seasoned data entrepreneurs and investors for a discussion about their vision of the industry and the world.