Dr. Raul Rodriguez

Dean, School of Business, Woxsen University

Dr. Raul Villamarin Rodriguez is the Dean of the School of Business at Woxsen University. He holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Process Automation applications in Human Resources.

Fmr. CEO & HR Manager at Irians Research Institute, a research institute specialized in the field of neuromarketing, AI, ML, cybersecurity, market research, behavioral science (with a focus on non-verbal communication), social research methods, and behavioral engineering. He has also collaborated in the organization of symposiums at several educational institutions including Oxford Brookes University, UK, and European Union-government bodies in Brussels, Belgium.

Dr. Rodriguez’s specific areas of expertise and interest are Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Robotic Process Automation, Multi-agent Systems, Knowledge Engineering, and Quantum Artificial Intelligence. He has the experience and feels comfortable using Prolog, Java, JavaScript, C++, Python, R/RStudio, Julia, Swift, Scala, MySQL, Tableau, Spark, among others.

He is a registered expert in Artificial intelligence, Intelligent Systems, and Multi-agent Systems at the European Commission and nominee for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe 2020 list. Alongside this, he is a regular keynote speaker and panel moderator at various national and international conferences or summits. Additionally, he is a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, the Oxford Artificial Intelligence Society, embedded in the University of Oxford, and the Institute for Robotics Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence.

He has co-authored two reference books: “New Age Leadership: A Critical Insight” and “Retail Store’e” and has more than 70 publications to his credit. He is a weekly contributing writer to various magazines in the field of analytics and emerging technologies. Alongside this, he is a journal reviewer and associate editor in various publications such as IEEE.

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Dr. Raul Rodriguez_Dr. Raul Rodriguez

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