Dr. Priyanka Mathur

CEO at MediPocket

Dr. Priyanka Mathur is the founder and CEO of MediPocket. Her vision is to redefine healthcare by providing affordable and on-demand care for everyone regardless of their insurance or socio and economic status. She is a healthcare visionary who believes that cost and time matters in order to achieve adherence and efficient treatment. She is Artificial Intelligence and healthcare intersections futurist, to make machines augment doctors on diagnostics and treatment, transforming the current system from ‘Sick Care’ to be, data driven ‘Predictive Model’ ‘Precision Medicine’. Her start came from studying at Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy and the SYMBIOSIS International University where she received her MD in Internal Medicine and Clinical Research Certificate. During residency in India, she served as a doctor at the Brahm Shakti Sanjivani Hospital and the Mittal Hospital Research Center. Dr. Priyanka is an expert in Pediatric, Internal Medicine and Psychiatric and spent 6 years as a Medical Record Reviewer at the Parthenia Medical Group in Los Angeles. In her free time, Dr. Priyanka has volunteered to help Rural Educational Development in India and the AIDS Action Committee, NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) at LA High Schools. Dr. Priyanka also has incredible proficiency in five languages including English, Russian, Hindi, Sanskrit and Spanish. Her vision for MediPocket is to create an ecosystem of efficient global healthcare making it affordable, accessible and get patients engaged in their healthcare to be better advocate of their and their family’s healthcare.. The platform connects with over 75,000+ pharmacies nationwide providing free prescription savings up to 80% savings and get them delivered on-demand from your choice of pharmacy, ondemand ‘My Health Vault’ and ML powered personalized symptom checker chatbot ‘Dr. A.I.’

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Priyanka Mathur, M.D

Future of healthcare is golden triangle with Patient-Provider-AI as its sides, keeping patient at its heart. This is going to revolutionize healthcare as stethoscope did in 19th century but big threat is about ethics and control when machine are given brain of its own to make life, health decisions for humans.