Dr. Giacomo Vianello​

Lead Data Scientist, Cape Analytics

Giacomo Vianello is a data scientist with a passion for state-of-the-art but practical technical solutions. He is Lead Data Scientist at Cape Analytics, a Silicon Valley startup bringing cutting edge data solutions to the insurance and real estate industries, where he specializes in developing AI systems to extract intelligence from geospatial imagery. Prior to Cape Analytics, he spent almost 10 years at Stanford University as a research scientist applying machine learning to big astrophysical data from NASA. He is an accomplished speaker with more than 20 invited public talks, and he authored more than 100 journal publications.

WATCH LIVE: November 3rd at 10:00 am

Dr. Giacomo Vianello​​

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the world of Insurance and Real Estate, by giving access to unprecedented insights for virtually any property in the US and beyond. Designing and implementing effective, real-time solutions at this scale presents significant challenges. It also demands the use of the latest AI models and techniques, such as active learning, to support an industry with a very real effect on people’s lives. I am going to review the use case, the challenges, and our solutions.