Alicia Wei

Data Science Manager, RMDS Lab

Alicia Wei manages the data science team at RMDS Lab and developed the LA COVID-19 Risk Score solution, recommendation systems for eCommerce platform and more. Prior to that she worked at PayPal in the risk department to implement credit strategy fundamentals for US, UK and AU markets, such as account management systems, policy rules, line assignment, and profitability models. Alicia was a Woodrow Wilson Research Fellow and graduated with B.Sc. in applied mathematics and statistics from Johns Hopkins University.

WATCH LIVE: November 3rd at 1:00 pm

Alicia Wei_Alicia Wei

As Los Angeles relaxes “Safer at Home” orders, it wants to help people assess the risks of going to various locations (like their local gym or supermarket) in real time. This solution is an ensemble of machine learning and statistical epidemiological models and uses data about infections, testing, mobility and social distancing, comorbidity, socioeconomic factors and other relevant sources to estimate levels of risk. The resulting interactive map shows community-level and POI-level risk of exposure to Covid-19 in Los Angeles County as well as locations of test centers and hospitals. We partnered with the City of Los Angeles and harnessed the RMDS Ecosystem to co-invest in solution development and accelerate technology transition-to-market.