Director, Data Scientist, Thought Leader

Our team at RMDS Lab is dynamic and innovative. I personally benefit from collaborating with our teammates and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish.

Software Engineer

Data science used to be one of the “buzz” words for me. The first couple of days at RMDS gave me the opportunity to realize how data scientists and engineers work together on a project to analyze various subjects.

Software Engineer

I chose to study Computer Science at USC because of my avid interest in technology and the great opportunities it afforded me going forward. Looking forward to learn many new things during my summer internship at RMDS Lab.

Software Engineer

RMDSlab has definitely given me the upper hand by providing me with the skills and network necessary to be successful in the workforce and a competitive candidate for jobs.

Training Manager

I am responsible for everything related to data science training, including helping our experts to deliver the high-quality practice-oriented curriculum via our online-learning system and coordinating with our partners on the co-creation of training workshops.

Product Manager, Data Science

I manage the web development team and coordinate communication between internal teams and external consultants to design and implement a data science platform.

Business Development Manager

I would say that I am pretty lucky that I have the chance to be a part of RMDS team. While most of our staffs have the experience serving as data scientists, I, majoring education, have seen the great opportunity to combine AI and big data with education.

Ethics Officer, PR & Event Organization

As a member of RMDS, I am excited to collaborate with several of the most important industry professionals and thought leaders in the data science & AI industry. My time and expertise in the past as a social media manager and event coordinator has provided me with the proper skill set to help RMDS Lab.

Project Manager, Senior Data Scientist

With the principle of 4E’s, our innovative data science team could provide you the most advanced algorithms and the most efficient method to solve any business problems for you.

Business Analyst, Data Scientist

Data Science is a rather pragmatic discipline than simply learning in the classroom. We apply data science and AI to practical cases in all fields.